Triplequote partners with Lightbend

Triplequote partners with Lightbend to bring faster, multi-core Scala compilation to the enterprise.

We’re very excited to announce our partnership with Lightbend, the company behind Scala and the leading Reactive application development platform! Through this partnership Lightbend customers will have access to the Triplequote Hydra compiler and monitoring solution, maximizing Scala developer productivity and reduce product time-to-market by optimizing Scala compilation times.

Lightbend is the main contributor and maintainer to the Scala compiler and library, as well as many fundamental tools in the Scala ecosystem. Going forward, our engineering teams will work closer together to make sure Hydra continues to work seamlessly and deliver even greater benefits to Scala developers.

For the full announcement, head over to the press release. And don’t forget to subscribe for a trial version!