5 Things you need to know about Scala compilation

What’s better than spring in Krakow? ScalaSphere in spring in Krakow! We didn’t miss a single edition of this developer-oriented conference so far, and this year once again we’ve been blown away by the quality of talks, flawless organization and this beautiful city.


Without a doubt, this year’s focus has been Scala build tools. While the newest kid on the block, Mill, was notably absent, Bloop, Cbt, Bazel made an appearance alongside the venerable Sbt, who recently turned 1.0.

Talks will be online shortly, so make sure you grab a coffee and watch the videos as soon as they’re out. Here are some that we think you shouldn’t miss.

The perfect build tool

Chris Vogt is best known for his Cbt tool, but in this talk he starts from first principles and walks us into building our own build tool, starting with a few bash commands. Take a step back and rethink what you pay and what you get when using a build tool.

Meet Bloop

Bloop is the newest entry in the Scala build tools space, and while many would disagree that it’s a real build tool, it can certainly build a project! Learn about an unconventional approach that removes the middle man and runs just the Scala compiler. True minimalism in action!

Bridging the tooling gap with Scala.js

Gabriele showed us that one can get the best of both worlds: the dynamic, fun world of JavaScript tools and the safety of Scala, via the Scala.js backed. Learn how you can plug in a scala-meta based parser in AST explorer!

5 things you need to know about Scala compilation

Just as all roads lead to Rome, all tools eventually lean on the Scala compiler. We couldn’t help recommending our own talk. You might learn a trick or two and (spoiler alert!) you might win our quiz at the next conference!